Outsourced Accounts Payable Services India

Your company can obtain credit from its suppliers through accounts payable. It enables postponed payment for goods or services your company uses. At all costs, avoid ignoring accounts' payables because doing so will only disrupt your cash flow and harm your relationships with your suppliers. It also impacts your working capital, which will lower your overall profit. Services for outsourcing your accounts payable can be the ideal way to handle all of your payment obligations.

Avidity LLP knows how vital accounts payable are to a constant cash flow. So that you can process charges payable effectively, we offer outsourced accounts payable services. You may effectively manage your account's payables using our outsourcing services. We offer our outsourced accounts payable services to companies in India and worldwide. We provide compelling online reports payable services that enhance cash flow and support the preservation of vendor relationships.

Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services

Receiving the PO from the buying department, receiving the invoice from the vendor, matching/validating the PO and the invoice, approval, and final payment to the vendor make up the accounts payable process entire cycle. To prevent spending errors and fraud, these actions are crucial.

Purchase order (PO)

A purchase order (PO) is a contract the business issues to the vendor that outlines the ordered product or service and the quantity and price agreed upon. For major businesses, the PO process involves several parties, including the department or person making the request, the purchasing department, the accounts payable department, the receiving department, and the vendor.

Receiving report

The report on goods and services received from the vendor confirms that the ordered goods and services have been obtained. The details on the receipt report must correspond to those on the earlier-issued PO.

Vendor Invoice

The firm would receive the invoice/bill for the product from the provider of the goods/services concurrently with or after receiving the ordered goods. The vendor invoice is what it is known as on the business end. The AP department is solely in charge of processing vendor invoices. They confirm the information on the invoice through a three-way match between the PO, receipt report, and vendor invoice, and they schedule payments after approval.

Accounts Payable Services in India

Your month-end closing cycle will be reduced as a result. Our accounts payable analysts have experience with and training in various accounting systems. As a result, the job can be transferred smoothly to your outsourced team. So that your staff may move on to duties that bring more value, let us handle the process from receipt to approval and payment.

Why should you outsource account payables?

  • To Stabilize critical business processes
  • To Eliminate attrition and the effort of re-training staff
  • To Reduce overhead & payroll costs
  • To Increase workforce productivity
  • To Increase processing accuracy
  • To Provide other options for company restructuring

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