Corporate Restructuring Services in India

At Avidity, we provide a wide range of corporate services that span the whole life cycle of the company. Our worldwide corporate services are at the cutting edge of industry best practices and adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance thanks to our avidity team of experienced and committed professionals in key jurisdictions.

We collaborate closely with our clients to create custom corporate solutions and offer a service that is dependable, consistent, and client-centered. Asset managers, financial institutions, corporations, and multinationals can use our one-stop-shop service approach to access Fund Solutions, Financial Solutions, and Corporate Solutions.

Some of the corporate restructuring services include:

Financial Restructuring:

When companies merge or are purchased by another company, financial restructuring is a type of corporate restructuring plan that is typically taken into consideration. In this type of restructuring, businesses frequently do not have any financial issues.

Debt Restructuring

A corporation typically uses debt restructuring to alter its debt repayment plan. A business may decide to reorganize, sell off a certain parent company subsidiary, or raise more money to settle a debt.

Benefits of corporate restructuring:

  • It boosts the business in developing fresh schemes for surviving in a competitive market.
  • Corporate restructuring methods are used to modify the financial strategy when a company is under a financial burden. The corporation can lessen its cost load by employing this move.
  • One of the key requirements for a business to succeed in the market is cash flow. A business cannot operate without cash flow since it must pay its staff, suppliers, and third parties. Therefore, a corporation uses a variety of restructuring techniques to make sure there is enough cash flow and does not cause business disruption.
  • A company individual's economics of scale and scope are also improved by the restructuring.

Corporate Restructuring Advisory

At Avidity, we provide valuable restructuring advisory services to our clients.

Reorganization and turnaround

With our assistance, clients may excel at crucial restructuring tasks like managing liquidity and quickly resetting strategy.

Director of Restructuring

The chief restructuring executives (CROs) or chief transformational officers (CTOs) can be restructuring consultants from the avidity network, or our clients can opt to work together with CROs and CTOs from our network.

Board Guidance

Our board advisory professionals are experts in tasks essential to restructuring efforts, including stakeholder engagement and negotiations, financial decisions and directors' responsibilities, governance structures and controls, and financial decisions.

Carve-Outs can be Done Quickly

Our restructuring experts work with customers to set transaction criteria, free up cash and working capital, plan and carry out carve-outs, handle commercial diligence, and prepare for sale analysis.

Net Working Capital Administration

Our advisors identify and set goals for cash generation on fonts like trade receivables and payables, inventories, and fixed assets to strengthen a company's balance sheet. We do this using digital tools and benchmarking.

Purchasing distressed assets

We assist in locating and evaluating potential targets for acquisition, developing an acquisition strategy, and handling the difficulties of cross-border transactions and out-of-court procedures for strong businesses that are unintentionally impacted by corporate distress.


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