Online Tax Filing Services

An Income Tax Return (ITR) is used to transmit financial information to taxation authorities. The amount of tax due is calculated based on an individual's income. A taxpayer might be entitled to compensation for a particular year by submitting an ITR if they paid more tax than required.

The abbreviation for electronically submitting taxes is "e-filing." You digitally file your tax filings online for a particular year when you use the term "e-filing." As a result, you no longer need to physically file your returns at the office of the Income Tax Department that is the closest to you. Instead, you access the internet and complete the task there.

We at Avidity provide the following online tax services for our clients.

Services for Expatriates' Taxes

  • Federal Tax Preparation and Calculation
  • Preparing and calculating income taxes and related fees
  • Tax return preparation and submission
  • Providing Taxation-Related Advice

Advisory on Double Tax Avoidance

  • Helping prevent double taxation
  • Ensure Local & International Tax Law Compliance

Direct Tax Services

  • Carrying out tax audits
  • Annual Tax Returns: Making and Filing
  • Ensure Compliance with Federal Tax Law
  • Making Certain Income Tax Compliance
  • Providing Withholding Tax Advice

Indirect Tax Services

  • Providing Value Added Tax Advice
  • Offering guidance on excise duty issues
  • Support for customs duty audits
  • Providing Assistance with the Filing of Commercial Taxes

Online Return Filing

We at Avidity provide various online return filings beneficial for our clients.

Representing You as Your Registered Representative

The time, money, and effort you would have previously spent interacting with the tax authorities will be significantly reduced when we represent you as your registered representative.

Helping you Comply with All Statutory Requirements

At Avidity, we assist you in fulfilling all legal requirements and avoiding excessive fines. We watch out for your Tax return and make sure you follow all the rules.

Current Record

At Avidity, we assist you in keeping a complete and current record of all sales and purchases made during the preceding Tax period; we can help you better optimize your tax positions.

Tax File Online

If you'd like to enroll for Security checks but haven't set it up yet, we at Avidity can help you. Companies of all sizes are the target market for our Tax returns service.

Setup of an accurate account

To comply with all applicable rules, At acidity, we assist you with effectively setting up your Tax account and accurately maintaining your financial records.

Precision in Tax Calculations

At Avidity, We offer exact Tax computations with rapid input. Focus your efforts right now on expanding your company. It has never been simpler to outsource Tax returns services.

Submission of Tax Return

We assist you in timely submitting your online Tax returns so that you can avoid dealing with fines and other obligations. To ensure that you do not pay low wages or overpay your Tax amounts, we constantly act in your best interest.

Income Tax e filing India

Online return filing has numerous benefits that include:

Quick processin

Income Tax Returns (ITR) are quickly acknowledged. More crucially, refunds, if any, are handled more quickly than returns filed on paper.

Improved precision

With built-in validations and electronic connectivity, e-filing software is seamless and significantly reduces errors. Paper filings are susceptible to mistakes. Human error may occur in data entry when a paper-based form is converted to an electronic system.


Online tax filing has no time or location restrictions. You can file digitally whenever and wherever you like because the service is open around-the-clock.


Better security than paper filings because nobody can access your data accidentally or on purpose. Paper filings increase the risk that information about your income will end up in the wrong hands at the offices of the Income Tax Department or your chartered accountant.

Access to historical data

While filing returns, it is simple to retrieve historical data. When filing subsequent recoveries, the majority of e-filing programs make it simple to access data that has been securely stored.


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