Intellectual Property Rights in India

Intellectual property rights are worldwide, just as every other kind of property right. They make it possible for people who have created something, own a patent, trademark, or work of art that is copyrighted, to get money off of their effort or investment. With the aid of an efficient and rightful intellectual property system, any count intellectual property rights services try may realize the capacity of intellectual property as a trigger for economic growth and social and cultural well-being. The intellectual property system enables an environment where innovation and creativity can flourish by balancing the interests of innovators and the public..

Benefits of Intellectual Property Rights

The true business assets that are essential to the products and services are also protected by intellectual property rights, which also cover company ideas or concepts. These intellectual property rights are essential to the company's development and profitability.

Increases the worth of your company in the market:

By allowing you to license, sell, and even commercialize the goods and services that are covered by IPR, you can use those rights to create income. In the end, this will increase market share and contribute to higher earnings. Having registered and protected intellectual property rights can also increase the value of the business in the event of a sale, confederation, or a quick sale.

Making thoughts and ideas into assets that generate income:

Ideas don't have much value on their own, but you can turn them into commercially successful products and services by registering them as intellectual property rights. Patent copyrighting or licensing can result in a consistent flow of royalties and other income, which can improve the company's bottom line.

Promote your services and goods:

Having intellectual property rights can assist your company in developing a brand. The use of intellectual property rights, such as trademark registration, can boost customer differentiation of your products and services.

Types of Intellectual Property Rights


An invention is granted an exclusive property known as a patent. In other terms, a patent is an exclusive right to a good or a method that typically gives a fresh approach to a task or a novel technical solution to a challenge.


A trademark is any term, phrase, symbol, design, or combination of these that distinguishes your products or services from those of others. It's how consumers identify you in the marketplace and set you apart from your opponents.


Once an inventor sets work in a physical form of expression, copyright, a sort of intellectual property, protects the authorship of the original work.

Trade secrets

A type of intellectual property known as a trade secret includes formulas, practices, procedures, designs, tools, patterns, or information compilations that have inherent economic value because they are not widely known or easily discoverable by others and that the owner takes reasonable precautions to keep secret.

Intellectual Property Rights Services

We at Avidity provide intellectual property services that add value to our client's inventions.

Trademark registration

When a trademark is registered in India, its owner is free to use words and symbols to represent their company or the goods they sell. A trademark registration serves as a differentiator when a company's products are set apart from those of its rivals. No other company may use a trademark after it has been registered for as long as it is in use.

At Avidity, we handle every step of the trademark registration procedure, including trademark objection, opposition, and renewal.

Copyright registration

The ownership right to literature, plays, music, sound recordings, artwork, and other works is known as copyright registration. A package of rights, including the ability to translate the work and communicate with the public, are granted to the copyright owner in India upon registration of the copyright.

Design registration

A newly produced design is applied to an item that is made through an industrial process, and this sort of intellectual property protection is known in India as design registration. These can prevent counterfeiting. When a design is registered in India, the creator is given exclusive rights for 10 years, with the option of an additional five years.

Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual Property is something that allows an owner to hold a patent for his/her invention and to sell their products in the market. These are not restricted to only one person as they are universal.

Benefits of protecting your intellectual property assets

  • You can increase revenue and get a value on your R&D investment by protecting your intellectual property.
  • By protecting your intellectual property, you can earn profits through licensing.
  • A trademark or brand can serve as a badge of origin and be used to market your products or services, giving consumers and potential consumers licensing a guarantee of source and quality.
  • Your protected intellectual property can be used as an incentive to draw investors and as security to get financing.
  • By prohibiting challengers from utilizing the protected IP, IP protection helps lower the risks associated with commercialization.

At Avidity LLP, we offer a wide range of unique intellectual property or open innovation services to organizations to help with better decisions, extensive research, and business development.

Reviewing patent investigations, figuring out prospects using both patented and unpatented information, and investigating what data might be worth disclosing through open innovation are all things we can do at Avidity. We are the perfect collaborators for pharmaceutical research, and we'll be there to help with any special services that are needed.


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