A solution for managing inventory, stock management, invoicing, purchase order management, discounting, stock valuation technique, etc. is offered by Tally accounting software. The drill-down features of Tally accounting software allow you to track every transactional detail. Small and medium-sized businesses, suppliers of electronics and electrical devices, firms involved in real estate, makers of fashion accessories, leather goods, and paper companies all adopt Tally. However, SAP is recommended over Tally if you are more concerned with information security, customized reports, and multi-location operation.

Features of Tally Solutions:

Accounting & Invoicing

It's really easy to create and keep track of invoices with TallyPrime. Numerous customizations, optimized invoice components, different billing options, etc. help TallyPrime truly adapt to your company. TallyPrime is a straightforward accounting system thanks to its many different features.

Insightful Business Reports

TallyPrime's incredible flexibility allows you to divide and split your reports and look at them in the ways that work best for your organization. TallyPrime comes with more than 400 business reports that are easily accessible and packed with insightful data that will help you make wise decisions.

Management of Credit and Cash Flow

TallyPrime helps you optimize cash flows by ensuring proper in accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventories, and various other areas of your business. You can manage your cash flow with the use of TallyPrime's detailed reviews.


With the help of the multiple banking services and tools that TallyPrime provides, you can easily handle all of your banking demands. The banking capabilities of TallyPrime, such as automatic bank reconciliation, pre-defined check formats, check administration, and e-payments, make banking simple.

GST/ Taxation

With TallyPrime, you can generate GST-compliant invoices such as tax invoices, bills of supply, etc. in seconds and file accurate GST returns always. What’s more? You can automatically generate e-invoices and print invoices with IRN and QR codes instantly. Using TallyPrime’s features, you can also manage TDS, TCS, and payrolls statutory such as PF, ESI, and employee income tax.