About Us

A reputable, mid-sized Accounting firm, Avidity LLP offers a wide range of accounting, auditing, and tax services within India & outside. The firm is sizable enough to provide its clients with considerable resources, but it is also set up so that each client gets individualized one-on-one care.

Avidity LLP is an Accounting Firm led by Adv Vidhi Shah, Varun Parikh & CA Vishal Shah. We're known for:

  • Global service provider for accounting and bookkeeping.
  • A group of professionals in accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, technology, human resources, computer science, and accounting.
  • To persistently advance their knowledge and abilities and deliver the finest service possible to their clients.
  • We specialize in outsourcing Accounting & Bookkeeping, Taxation, and a variety of Indian Company Compliances.

We provide a range of tax and accounting services for businesses, individuals, and professionals, including:

  • General tax preparation
  • Payroll services
  • Account Payable / Receivable Management
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Tax planning
  • Data Management
  • Accounting/bookkeeping
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Auditing
  • ROC Compliance

Our customers value the fast & economical services we provide that are customized to their requirements. We take special care to maintain thorough communication and respond promptly and professionally.

We see every customer relationship as crucial, and we think our successes directly result from your achievements. We endeavor to provide ideas that find tax-saving methods to save expenses, boost productivity, and boost profitability because we appreciate our clients' best interests.

With the help of our years of intense training, practical experience, and financial knowledge, we take pride in our ability to offer assurance and individualized support.