Reckon One is a small business-friendly piece of online accounting software. It has tools that make managing finances easier for users, like invoicing, payroll, and cash flow management. You can view financial performance in real-time with an easy-to-use interface and a dashboard that you can customize. You can users to continue and maintain control over your finances with the help of this ATO-approved, single-touch payroll-ready solution.

Reckon One can handle the financial side of operations for small business owners who lack access to a dedicated accounting department. Some independent accounting companies are starting to utilize it to manage their clients' finances because it's equally sophisticated and user-friendly.

Features of Reckon:

Financial dashboard

On a single page, Reckon One provides all the features you'd expect from a typical accounting solution. With a few clicks, users can quickly and easily track their daily earnings and cash flow. You can always be sure you're viewing real-time data because the software automatically updates every field.

Tax evaluation

Reckon One determines how much tax you might owe on each transaction it identifies as an incoming one. The program already has instructions for the tax regulations of the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Invoicing and billing

With Reckon One's billing module, you can make personalized invoices and control payment methods. It will immediately alert you if it finds any problems, including prior invoices.

Banks are compared

You can link your account to an infinite number of different bank feeds when you first configure Reckon One. The accounts are then balanced automatically, and duplicate entry risk is actively reduced.

Expense management

Through a convenient web portal, employees may report their expenses and request specific goods for reimbursement. After that, you can choose to mark expenses as chargeable.